Books for younger "me"

It's like a cliche. What books would you recommend to your younger self? I think it would make a difference if someone would few I read later as an adult. What are those?

Books for younger "me"

Everything changes. The universe is not the same as what it was when I was born.
My country and world were not the same when I was young (thank’s whatever might power did it).

I changed.

I had a reflection on it, and a lot of things and behaviors I use right now would make my life easier looking back.

There is an eternal question - if I would do things differently back then, would I be me. Or my current version of me (I’m pretty happy with my current version of me).

Don’t know.

What I do know that there are simple things each of us can do to make life easier and more ... I looked a word here for a few minutes ... effective.

I’ve gathered a few books I would like to read 20-25 years ago. They would make a difference.

This is mostly “how” edition. Not on the “why” or “think” level. Most of it is recommended in many places, but I decided to put it here anyway.

Let’s do it:

That’s it. If you haven’t read those books, you can add it to your list and read somewhere along the way.

I’m not a zealot of these books. I don’t treat them as a bible and align each of my actions with it.

I use it.

I know that using what I learned from them lets me be less stressed, more productive, work better with people.

I haven’t put the number in the title (yeah - for SEO, it should be “10 books which changed my life and universe forever!”).

The list might change.
It will.
Everything changes.

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