Now - what I'm doing and planning.

This is a now page" inspired by Derek Sivers "now" page. You may consider doing your own.

This is my "Now" page, inspired by Derek Sivers. It is a brief on what I'm doing and what I'm working on right now. It isn't my ToDo list, this I keep in my Todoist.

šŸ“† Last updated: 23'rd May, 2024, Warsaw, Poland šŸ‡µšŸ‡±

Closing "the House" project

Last year I moved with family to new home, we've built a house. As with every house, there is still a lot of things to be done, not to mention fighthing the entropy.

This summer, I'm closing all the loose ends of the home. As with most of the projects, these last 5% takes more energy and time to finish.

This work include (but is not limited to) adding some cameras around home, adding doorbell and remote opening mechanism to doors and garage, cleaning up and making a true workshop space and fininshing flooring in the attic and regulating the wattering system in the garden.

A lot of "non IT" work to be done, some of it will be outsourced but for some I'm just learninig the ropes and doing it myself.

Learning Python

Few monts ago I've started journey of learning Python. Then I made a break in it, to close some professional matters. Now I got back to it, taking a small project of integrationg some of the inputs from various sources as a pet project.

Expanding "CTO Morning Coffee"

Two years ago, together with Sebastian Gębski and Wojtek Ptak, we've started "CTO Morning Coffee." A project to create a community for people in leadership roles in tech, in Polish.

After two years, we have developed cadence of on-line meetings and addedd our "Brew YouTube show" to it. Now it is time to push it a bit further.

Things to be done in the next period of time is to:

  • Add content distribution and re-distribution
  • Create a place on-line for people around the CTO Morning Coffee
  • Launch new format for our media

A lot of work, a lot of fun. Let's see where it will get us.

Catching perespective for next period of my life

Last 20+ years I've worked as a consultant, then building company was my full time job. The end result of it, is that company was sold in 2022 and as of May 2024 I've exited the operational roles.

So, in simple words I'm unemployeed or "retired" - whatever you preffer.

Now, having spent time since 1999 in professional IT career and building a business for last 14 yrs, this requires some adjustments.

So this is an adjustment period for myself. Time not organized by work obligations, more time with kids, some personal projects, learning new skills.

It is a period, where I basically build an ideas for next period of my life. Firt time to catch the perespective, then the rest.